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2019 Upcoming Events


Roadside Cleanup 

Saturday, October 5th, 9 am. 

Meet at Deering Town Hall.

If we have 10-12 folks, we can be done in an hour!

Deering Lake Refill Information


Dan Mattaini, Operation & Maintenance Engineer with the  NHDES - Dam Bureau recently explained in an email that refills of lakes with drawdowns follow a schedule based on past refill performance throughout the years.  Based on the size of the impoundment vs. the drainage area contributing to it,  some lakes are harder to refill than others.  Deering can be challenging to refill. 

Typically,  Deering Reservoir begins refilling in February to try to reach full pond by the first week in May.  They do monitor ice conditions on the impoundments and slow down the refill late in the season when the water level gets close to full pond if there is still ice on the surface.  However they do need to generally follow this trend to catch the snowmelt and spring runoff to ensure the pond is full for the summer season.  

2019 LakeSmart Program

In July 2019, NH Lakes launched the LakeSmart lake-friendly living program to select lakes throughout New Hampshire.  Deering Reservoir has been chosen as one of this year's select lakes to initiate, train, and educate shore-front property owners on the importance of capturing and soaking up runoff water through various means, i.e. drip-line and driveway infiltration trenches, dry wells, and assorted means of water mitigation around homes and lake fronts.

Steve Avery is spearheading this program and is looking for interested individuals and homeowners who would be willing to participate in becoming certified LakeSmart educators and/or being interested in having their properties evaluated and offered site-specific recommendations.  The program is free, non-regulatory,  and completely voluntary.  If interested, please reach out to Steve at